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Citation format

Einbanddatenbank records can be referenced with the help of citation ids assigned by the underlying software application at the time they are entered into the database.
These ids exist for tools, e.g., stamps, rolls, and panel stamps, as well as craftsmen and motives.

Each id is prefixed with "EBDB". A single character s, r, or p denotes the type of tool the id refers to. In the case of craftsmen, the letter w and in case of motives the letter m is used, instead.

Stamps, rolls, panel stamps, craftsmen and motives
Stamps (s) EBDB s000000
Rolls (r) EBDB r000000
Panel stamps (p) EBDB p000000
Craftsmen (w) EBDB w000000
Motives (m) EBDB m000000

This citation format ensures unambiguous identification of each record contained in the Einbanddatenbank. External web applications that want to link to EBDB records, are required to use the following URL format:  for craftsmen, 
for tools and for motives, with sssssss (craftsmen), zzzzzzz (tools) and mmmmmmm (motives) representing the one character plus six-digits citation id of the referenced object, without the 'EBDB' prefix.


links to an EBDB record of the craftsman with reference id w000059.
links to the EBDB record of the tool with reference id p002833.
links to the EBDB record of the motive with reference id m000127.